Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Quick" oil studies - Yosemite triptych

In preparation for my first painting class in 18 months (wtf?), here are 3 oil studies of Yosemite, taken from the last time I was at the park. Feels good to get back on the oily horse.

Oil on canvasboard - 5x7

First 2 are 90 minutes, the last blew out to about 2.5 hours because I got distracted by my medieval murder mystery audiobook, The Tainted Relic. It's all Friar this and Brother that, so I had to pause every once in a while to figure out who was killing who.

Suffice to say, gotta pull my socks up.


  1. beautiful work. LOVING the painterly texture on the sky. I am in fear of quick studies.

  2. Keep this up as a practice. Look at what it has done for Nathan Fowkes and Bill Cone! Good work. chuck

  3. Thanks Chuck! Hadn't heard of Fowkes before (his landscape sketch blog is amazing) so thank you for the inspiration.